Michael Reardon
Founder and CEO 
Shattered Radio
Shattered Radio is a non-profit online radio station  Playing local artist and giving a diverse subject range of topics and music , so there is something for everyone . Giving new artist around the world a chance to share their music and interviews , sharing show times and places where you can go here in the Arizona area as well as creating relationships and correspondents with the artist across the globe as well as, projects and get to know one another. We have the Lady Jade show , KronikHeadAke , and the WIZZKID , The Charles Rivers Show and many more . We also cater to podcast of independent ,underground  artist. The CEO , Micheal Reardon spends his time dedicated to maintaining the websites as well as being a super producer in the studio editing and checking the email for new artist to interview with the DJ'S here at shattered radio.